iTDi webinar takeaways

This morning’s (for me) “2014: Looking Ahead” was a three-part 2 hour or so webinar from “iTDi” or the International Teacher Development Institute ( and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

John F. Fanselow, Penny Ur, and Scott Thornbury presented.


Three presenters, three minimal (but maximally valuable) takeaway nuggets:

1. Record, record, record!

2. 1/3 of instruction should be vocab-focused. Vocabulary > Grammar!

3. What’s the problem this technology is supposed to solve?

Of course, the REAL takeaways from ‘community gatherings’ like that aren’t bulletpoint-able and they aren’t even really about teaching. Rather, they’re in the experience of communion with other educators and the buzz between what is said and heard (wink wink Rose Bard!). It’s the connection(s) made, the connections…connected.

Plus, it’s always great to see JFF get a little biiit grumpy when something goes wrong with the tech! 😉

Here are two screenshots I grabbed (click to enlarge):

Penny Scott

 Also, now they have a short ‘quiz’ in order to download a certificate of attendance for webinars. Good idea! Here’s my new certificate, shiny!:

ITDi 2014 Webinar Cert


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