Beginning to discover others…

…people who have written/blogged about early experiences being/learning to be the trainer in the room, that is.

Here’s an interesting example. Mike (whom I just met on twitter after an webinar…but I’d already ‘known’ as an occasional reader of his blog for a while) wrote about it in 2009, but just recently posted (re-posted?) what he’d written back then and subsequently gives a reflective commentary as he reads it back. Fascinating stuff and much food for thought!

go to: Journal of a First Day Teacher Trainer 

Another post, this time from Chia Suan Chong on the ETProfessional blog she does, illuminates from inside an anecdote from a CELTA course in which a trainee’s limited ‘schema’ forces her into a corner. I’d like to think that as a teacher trainer I’ll be half as aware of these things as Chia clearly is. My goal is to be able to, in a sense, ‘point out the obvious’ just as I remember my excellent CELTA trainers (Simon Boynton and Lawrence Kinsella, for the record) doing with me. Or, perhaps, point out the complex in a way that makes it seem/feel “obvious”.

go to: Why is ‘Break’ like ‘Steal’? 

From Chia’s blog:

“If we can help change the mental framework of trainee teachers and encourage them to see the teacher as not just one that provides answers, but one that asks questions and facilitates learning, perhaps dealing with emergent language in communication and giving language feedback might not be only something for the experienced teachers. To boldly paraphrase the anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss who was really talking about scientists, “The teacher is not a person who gives the right answers, he’s the one who asks the right questions.


Substitute teacher for trainer there and, of course, it works just as well. And as I mention in a post above…I’m very nervous about accessing/developing this ability to ‘ask the right questions’ as a trainer! But finding this material (I know as I look more I shall find) is very useful, helpful, and heartening!

Another great Chia post on teacher training I’ll be sure to return to and post about:

How Prescriptive Should Teacher Training Be? 

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