My CELTA class photo (2005)


Yep, I’m the sloucher in the middle with the knee-length silver tie 😉

Twas an excellent cast of characters, that’s for sure.

I will probably certainly (!) post about my own experience as a trainee in detail here. It was 2005, and it was not all that long after I narrowly escaped death by tsunami in Sri Lanka, I was shocked by the glare of the big city BKK lights, and I was 25 years old so it’s a blur in places, but that’s that. I have a woefully incomplete and messy bunch of materials in a file somewhere…the bits that survived. Once I get a chance to sit with that for a spell and take some notes my reflections *may* be post-worthy here. Definitely worth the mental trip, anyway, before I re-enter that world wearing a new (or maybe it won’t seem precisely ‘new’) hat (or should I say tie?).

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3 Responses to My CELTA class photo (2005)

  1. mikecorea says:


    Is that by chance ECC Bangkok?
    I did my CELTA there in 2004.

    I am really enjoying your blog so far and looking forward to more.

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