What student compliments really mean

I always enjoy Alex Case’s “attempts at humor”…


Thank you for your patience. – You almost managed to conceal your irritation.

My classmates were very patient. – It was classmates who actually taught me./ Why didn’t you spot I was in the wrong class and move me?/ You made my embarrass myself in front of my classmates with my crap English.

I think I learned a lot. – The class was much too difficult for me.

I think the class was really suitable for me. – I spent 90% of the course convinced otherwise, but I kind of got used to it – perhaps it was the Stockholm Syndrome./ …so I don’t agree with all my classmates who are still bitching about it.

Thanks, we didn’t learn that in junior high school. – I don’t believe you. We didn’t study that in junior high school.

I’m sorry for not working harder. – I only came here to get some motivation…

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