M.A. ELT/DELTA Oasis @ Lizzie Pinard’s blog

Wowsers, just found another great ELT blog (they keep coming!). Lizzie breaks down, like, EVERYTHING about her experiences doing a DELTA and an M.A. ELT at Leeds Met.

The DELTA stuff is of particular interest to me as I’ve not done one but plan to. I’ve been approved as a CELTA trainer-in-training on the strength of my experience + proof that my MA TESOL contained a highly practical element (don’t want them aca-doofuses spoiling the fun!) plus maybe the lil’ twinkle in my eye.

And it was practical, and I think I do have the experience and lots of great resources to be a good trainer…but the DELTA, the DELTA: I do think I’ll really want and perhaps need to do the DELTA.

This is so super duper bookmarkisized and f-f-f-followfied:

M.A. ELT / Delta

In related news, this eBook in development over at The Round also looks tre interesting and informative for future newbie DELTA doers:


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