[shiny new blog (hyper)active posting phase: complete]

Welcome to Phase 2…in which the blog doesn’t die.

It’s official. The initial energetic flurry of blogging activity that follows the setting up of a new blog is done. Kaput! And here I am, plopping down a note about it.

It’s been well over a week since I posted anything. I have a backlog of draft posts in need of completion and I’m pretty busy but…well I’m always pretty busy. It’s not so much that – rather, it’s simply that the initial flurry is over and I need(ed) a break. The buzz done got gone.

As for the CELTA: still on the horizon. There’s news and thoughts to share about it as it creeps closer yet. My worst fear is that once my current job ends and things get going with CELTA trainer training my plans to “blog it” simply won’t materialize and this blog with die the death of a million blogs with a forlorn post ‘apologizing’ for not posting and then…dead air. *Shivers*.

Nevermind all that, I’ve got a late #ELTchat summary to finish up, and that’ll go up on here. That’ll mark my return to action. I’m off!

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One Response to [shiny new blog (hyper)active posting phase: complete]

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