File under: ‘ESL stuffy stuff’

Seen at Staples: a nice speaker for ESL classroom use. I’d stick it right onto the whiteboard (there’s a big rubber suction cup on the back). I already use a small portable Bluetooth speaker for playing various audio (inc. coursebook audio CDs uploaded onto smartphone, etc.) in class. But the stick-ability of this one would be an upgrade (thinking of a low-resource classroom I teach in for my once a week ESOL gig).

If I wasn’t profoundly poor right now I might throw down the $29.99 I’ve got marked for groceries…


I am grabbing a fresh 4-pack of whiteboard markers, however. Could a guitar player get out of a music shop without at least a pick or two?? 😉 Anyway, I thought the speaker fit neatly on the ‘unintended TEFL supplies’ product list (heh, sounds like an Alex Case post).

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