Reblogged: “I PASSED CELTA!”

Congrats to my blog reader springcait for passing her CELTA course recently! Great post springcait…thanks so much for sharing your experience and good luck for the future! Adventure lies ahead…


Actually I did it some time ago but it took me a lot of time to sort out my notes and bring all the ideas together.

Firstly, if you have read a lot of scary posts about CELTA saying how tiring it is and how everybody has struggled with lessons and assignments – well, it’s true. But all I can remember now is how cool the tutors were, what brilliant and unique people I have met, what an incredible experience I had living there, how I have improved myself and yes, how much fun I had there. So, if you are afraid of it as I was before the course, be sure it will be cool and it will be fun.

Image This is my TP group and our tutors celebrating the end of the course.

The course takes 4 weeks and includes teaching practice, input sessions, written assignments and Friday…

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