Six Great Vocab Games

Thanks TEFLgeek! (Vocab is one of my input sessions on my CELTA trainer-in-training program course). One of the things I’m doing in preparation is simply mull over lots of vocabulary learning activities (online, offline, whatever)…and connect/associate them with specific (and less specific) ways of teaching vocabulary and thinking about vocabulary pedagogically.

…and if there are any teacher trainers out there reading this with advice/suggestions/ideas/questions/comments, please do share and connect with a newbie! 🙂


Here’s six online vocabulary games I’ve been using with my classes recently:

teflgeek word games

Test Your Vocab:  Not – strictly speaking – a game, this website seeks to measure the number of words you know and then tells you the size of your vocabulary.  If the learners are honest and don’t cheat, this could be a useful tool in helping them measure their progress, though presumably the more often they do it, the more familiar they’ll become with the test words.  And of course they could go off and research the test word corpus….  Play the game here: – and thanks to Dave C for the spot!

Free Rice:  matching words to definitions is the name of the game, but with Free Rice, every correct answer donates ten grains of rice to the World Food Program.  This one has been around for a while but is really good for broadening…

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  1. admin says:

    Check also our English vocabulary games at We have already two games: True or False and Word Guess. Our word database contains over 2800 words in 90 categories.

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