#ELTchat 3/12/14: A Timely Topic

I had to miss this #ELTchat as it unfolded live (it was 7am; I was sleeping). But it’s a great timely topic for me as I launch into my CELTA teacher training (actually I’ve been here for 2 weeks doing all kinds of things…but the official CELTA course-long TinT program begins Monday). In my 6-7 chances to observe TP classes on various courses of the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed particular thing about the way trainees are often using these: a call it “trigger-happy”. Stuff like this:

“She told me to put it in the oven. What’s an oven? Is it in the kitchen? Do you fry things or bake things in an oven?”

WHOA NOW…let the word sit for 3 seconds. Have a look around and get your radar going – do they seem to be with you? Is it worth the break in the action? And let a CCQ be answered before you pile on another one. CCQs and ICQs are important and effective and trainees have good reason to focus on getting them in during observed lessons. There are so easy to notice/count/assess…But does this mean that they’re occasionally treated a little bit…bluntly?

There’s more, but some REALLY thrilling NCAA Tourney b-ball is on so I’ll be back later….

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