What about the CELTA, newbz?

Readers of my blog may wonder what’s going on in the realm of the central topic/animus of this blog, the CELTA course. I’ve been posting these #ELTontheMTA things and such. What of the ‘newbie’s diary’?

Well, it’s actually on the desktop of my computer at the moment. Part of the many-faceted trainer training process is journaling and I’m several very full pages in now. I suppose the tangential bloggity blogging and tweeting has been a sort of release valve from the ‘official’ stuff…and there’s a mountain of it. I’m working the XL 3-ring Binder game. The amazing thing is, hardly any of it seems exactly dispensable.

Anyway, over the weekend I plan to post a version of these initial segments of my training journal on here.

It covers things like:

– the CELTA candidate interview process
– what does your average CELTA trainee already know?
– the CELTA ethos and it’s manifestations
– acronyms, initialisms, and migraine headaches
– seen and heard in TP classes
– where I learned to give and take feedback
– What have been and I predict will be the most difficult parts of the training
– ” ” ” the job
– CELTA surprises
– thoughts on ‘CELTA staples’

Anyway, it’s off to lala-land now on this NYC-BOS Friday night bus (I’m teaching my ESOL class there tomorrow morning and see my wife…and then it’s back to NYC on Sunday ready for day 1).

Have a great weekend, world.

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