…right now this is more of a tumblr than a blog. And that’s okay. Everything happens so much (in the real world…mostly). I’ll never use ‘I’m busy’ again without really meaning it (I probably said something similar as a trainEE nearly 10 years back).

I also haven’t ended up feeling right about broadcasting all that much in a public ‘diary’ per se. Who knew.

But once it’s processed and such, I hope to write about it (it being the gritty details of being a CELTA trainer newbie, the wild and wacky world of the CELTA through a newbie’s eyes, and of course exactly how many individual tears must be shed by a trainee to qualify as a CELTA MELTDOWN). Well see.

– Signing off from Week 2 Day 4 of my TinT CELTA course


It’s amazing. 🙂

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