Daily Diary Posts

Over the weekend I thought to myself: I should try to write a short daily ‘diary’ post during the 4 weeks of the next CELTA course for my blog. After all, it’s called ‘Diary of…’. Monday was Memorial Day, so the course started yesterday, a Tuesday. It’s Wednesday night now, end of Day 2. We’ve done intros, course overviews, initial input sessions, tutor observation lessons, TP1s. Funny how it already feels like I’m on a journey with these 10 new trainees, I mean already OUT TO SEA with a crew! (Will this ever get old??)

And I’m revisiting that desire to try to post daily, diary style. I’m gonna try. I was thinking today: I’m just not the kind of writer to do anything like folks in my PLN do. As evidenced by several recent and past posts, I’ll usually point at something, say one thing, and then be like ‘more later!’…I don’t want to keep doing that. Those are posts imagining posts; the things themselves don’t tend to take written form for me. I can accept that.

But the diary, back to basics – why not?

A few things about today:

I had a few moments where I felt like: oh my god, I’m faking this – I’m not a teacher trainer!

I had a few moments where I thought: I was BORN for this. Rock on!

I told my MCT about these moments of doubt. I said, “I’m fundamentally confident about this..but…” and she said “yeah, I can tell!” (that I’m fundamentally confident)

I have questions about how much ‘loop input’ and demo lesson/micro teaching experiences I really feel I need/want to incorporate into my input sessions. Wow…so many questions about this actually.

Sometimes I really don’t know when to hide away from trainees/stop giving in GLP

I met @JohnPfordresher today. It’s REALLY cool to meet ELT PLN folks!

It’s almost 10pm. Long day! I’m arriving home, off to lala land. I earned it, I think.

Goodnight, diary….

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