Week 1, Day 3

Dear Diary,

Whew! Lots happen today. Or maybe it was just one thing, but it felt really full, maybe full of little things. What I’m thinking about is:

Trainees seemed energetic and engaged in a really…realway. There was a…flow. Amongst and between them. Yay!

I nearly cried with joy during TPFB. Why? I was

A) really happy to see a high degree of good solid *decision making* in the classes. In TP2!!! In feedback I talked a bit about ‘training to become a skillful decision maker; this is the real goal between the lines of more concrete CELTA curricular material’ and they really responded to it

B) also just thrilled with the TP students, and what a great opportunity these trainees have to work with really open, engaged students. They are lucky to have pulled this group, but it’s not all luck – they’ve established really nice rapport, and I’m thinking my initial demo lesson contributed/set up this circumstance sufficiently

C) I’ve just been really overwhelmed and/or passionately focused recently (it’s both) and I think even little wins are really making me feel good

D) I saw multiple corrective feedback moves…in TP2! Don’t get me started….I’ll start getting damp eyed again!

What else…just seemed like flow today. I’m looking forward to these guys and gals’ development. I feel like they’re poised for greatness!!

This is joyful….why NOT let yourself bask in the good vibes and precious experiences?

I’ve doing Receptive Skills 2 tomorrow, but Session 1 really banged so much home AND they’ve really dived into the SRT already…so, I’m using much of the session to do a ‘consolidate and seal’ week 1 skills and habits of mind with some stuff from the nice DVD from Harmer’s How To Teach English book and lots of reflection on learning. Yay, again.

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2 Responses to Week 1, Day 3

  1. springcait says:

    Hi Matthew, I am so interested to read your diary, it evokes some thoughts and reflections about me as a trainee and my course. Please carry on!

    • Matthew says:

      I shall! In large part because of your comment here. That’s exactly the kind of thing that makes me interested to write this!!!

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