Stage 1 Competencies List Redraw

The ‘Focus of the Feedback’ list (see pic post below) we give CELTA trainees helps them visualize ‘the build’ and frame the types of things we’re focusing on as we expect them to process and performative more and more as input, TP, and feedback continues. I tweeted something about how ‘Awareness of self & students’ appeared right in the middle of the 5 Stage 1 items, and, while I have no idea whether this is by design or not, it really seems fitting. The other items are, in a sense, a manifestation of ‘awareness-in-action’, specific ways that we can act on awareness of self & students to make classroom actions and interactions fruitful. Perhaps a more graphic version could imply this better. Here is my first swing at that:


What I think adding this might help do is situate teacher awareness clearly as the spoke of the wheel – in no way minimizing the more concrete aspects around it, but perhaps helping trainees recognize the common thread that running though basic performative competency in each. Is it not awareness? They learn and see and practice these things a bit during input sessions, but that’s not LIVE. Far less mindful awareness is required, and attached, then. When it comes to TP though, you might as well be up to bat at Fenway Park. With what, through what, by what means can you most efficiently access those new skills and techniques and actions you’re learning and so quickly required to integrate into your own behavior and decision making processes in TP? It might not be direct. What if the best turn is to “ok…I’m supposed to be AWARE of SELF and STUDENTS here…so, that means..what…well, they need me to write these words on the WB, right? yes…Ok..done..what’s next…I’m suppose to be AWARE of SELF and STUDENTS here…so, that means..what..oh, these are tough words to pronounce and I feel their pain! let’s laugh about it..nice..we’re in cahoots…etc.”

Setting up the awareness practice as the anchor, not the learned, stored, practiced, and performed techniques themselves…does that make any sense?

Thoughts? Next steps for an illustration? Have a similar/better one?


What if I added this extra wrinkle as well:

Focus of Feedback PDF w: ExtraTo prompt trainees to look explicitly at both ‘parties’ in each classroom event element, and perhaps think through differences/similarities/interactivities/co-dependencies, etc. Each of those could be a heading, and we could list things down, then examine the relationships…hmm…seems like it has potential…

The list does exactly what it needs to do to show the flow and build of competency areas, etc. But perhaps each micro-list could use it’s only conceptual graphic design, which could be a nice prompt/prop for TPFB etc. during that stage. 🙂

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