Week 2, Day 1

This diary entry will be in bullet point form.

  • Because bullet point form is all I can muster!
  • Seems like:
  • Early Week 2 TP lessons are often over-planned
  • Early Week 2 TP lessons are often over-TTT’d
  • Regarding the previous two bullets: why?
  • Maybe it’s because their brains are starting to catch up, and they get (too) heady
  • During Week 1, it’s: dance with us! Listen to this irresistible new music!
  • Trainees let the rhythms and rhymes carry them away…
  • Then, the first weekend. They’re away from the music, just thinking about it, processing it, reconstructing it
  • Which is a good thing
  • But when they come back, they’re often ‘doing that dance’ more than responding to the music, and it’s not as natural or graceful – it’s a lot more…
  • It’s over-calculating, calculated
  • No wonder…lots to process, lots of interlocking elements
  • This is likely a critical and positive part of the process
  • But it struck me
  • That ‘light touch’ that was perhaps by necessity and/or an effect of the newness of everything…that beat…it fades, a bit
  • In its place: teacher-centered teaching teaching teacher made teacher centered-lessons!
  • Proliferation of thought, plus a more informed ambition – they’re sometimes teaching to score points
  • Now it’s time to ‘prove themselves’ –> overshoot the students, their dance partners of just last week
  • on a related note…it’s amazing just how much they juggle/balance/manage/synthesize on this course
  • It’s quantifiable as a LARGE AMOUNT
  • It’s great just to see them DEAL and be resilient
  • Perhaps the most important thing about how this works is, beyond the qualities of the content, the qualities of its transmission
  • “transmission” is a no-no word to me, I wanna say something clever about being ‘dialogic’ and add something about ‘transformation’
  • But yeah, I transmit things to the trainees
  • This group seems to be gelling really well
  • Outside the trainer’s room doors I hear conversation and laughter
  • Maybe they aren’t overthinking it all…maybe I am
  • Maybe all that I wrote about above applies to ME 🙂

See you next time, Diary. 🙂

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