Week 2, Day 4: 1st Ever Grammar Lessons

…those are hard!

Our trainees are getting into their first grammar lessons in their TP 3s and 4s. These lessons present a ginormous challenge! It’s the first time there is really ‘nowhere to hide’ from the requirement of some real juicy language analysis. You’ve got to ‘get’ the grammar yourself! Trainees start these TP sessions, ideally, with this hard-fought, but still anxious, unsure awareness (but mostly lack thereof) written across their faces….something NEW here, juuust as we were getting comfortable running skills lessons.

It’s often the very, very, very first time they’ve done it (it being explicate the system(s) of their native tongue for anyone), but also the very first time they’ve even really seen anything like it.

When I have a chance I’d like to write about how these first grammar lessons tend to go, at least based on my limited experience watching them closely. And some thoughts on why…


Goodnight diary!

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