Emergent Negotiated Reasoning Skillz

This is what I try do before I ever tell a trainee something is right or wrong…


They’ll report their reasoning, perhaps reflecting on it in the process, objectifying it, likely modifying it, maybe negotiating it as they reconstruct it while looking for ways to prompt MY input to proactively assimilate it (bwwaaahaahhaaaa!)….all coming from the ‘convince me’ meme. For kids and CELTA trainees! 😉

And having told “convince me” with some regularity….

Maybe they’ll then start asking THEMSELVES for convincing arguments and rationales for what they intend to do in their lessons, etc.

That’s the goal.

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One Response to Emergent Negotiated Reasoning Skillz

  1. springcait says:

    Yeah, I use it from time to time while holding some discussions in English. Great idea!

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