HIQ (High Irony Quotient) Student Work

From a recent TP class…grammar: if only/I should have/I regret (not) ___ etc…in which learners ultimately imagined the deathbed regrets of famous people…

My favorite: “I should have done my work more violently”



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2 Responses to HIQ (High Irony Quotient) Student Work

  1. Samantha says:

    Ha! This is excellent. I’m in the current CELTA course right now, working with the UI students. I see this on the wall every day and am very grateful to come across this clarification! (Though, I have to admit that the unknown was part of the enjoyment, especially with some of the other examples!)

  2. Matthew says:

    Yes, it occurs to me the students didn’t quite get the core meaning of “regret”.

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