A blogbreak for the webweary?

Despite the fact that I don’t even post all that often or write really in depth, involved stuff anyway…I’m taking a bit of a break from the ‘newbieness’ (here and on twitter – FB, too really) over the next few weeks. In fact I’ll be trying to stay off the whole of the internet because I’m feeling more than a bit of the ol’ info-overload recently and feel a real need to consolidate and simplify both physically and mentally. I’m distinctly sensing an “over-stretchedness” at the root of some recent doldrums and frustration, and it’s not coming out of real-world busyness; it’s more to do with the number of tabs I’ve had open on my browser (and in my mind) for the last month or so.

I have both home and work projects upcoming that I really feel deserve my full and complete attention. It’s almost like I’m losing touch with what that MEANS anymore…my *full and complete attention* and that’s a bit scary. A few things just today nudged me to make this resolution:

1. I went to the beach with my wife for the first time in forever…and we both realized we haven’t been spending hardly enough quality time together.


 2. At said beach I was reading this…


 …in which DFW talks quite a lot about his own sense of information-overload, of discontinuity, malaise, and general yearning to simplify and be of and in a place even while somehow being connected in…and it really resonated with me. Of course, the blogging is really the MOST ‘whole’ and grounded activity I actually partake in online, so it might actually turn out to be the thing I don’t end up ignoring more for this little while…but it’s HERE…in a TAB…next to everything ELSE…and it almost feels like I’m just now lacking the self-control to resist clicking interesting twitter and FB links. Interesting isn’t enough, I need real, local, human inspiration and perspiration to make the positive summer shift I desire.

3. Oh, there was a third thing (see?): simply seeing, briefly, this afternoon a special old friend (here) who is the most grounded and mindful and focused person I think I’ve ever met. That ALWAYS helps, just that presence.

So…until August 1st at least: here’s hoping I can kiss the less constructive aspects of my online life goodbye. After writing this I realize even more that I don’t really need or want a break from writing blogposts, but instead from everything that makes them relatively shallow/short in the first place.

So…see you next post, whenever that is: and refreshed, I hope!

…and RIP David Foster Wallace!

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One Response to A blogbreak for the webweary?

  1. springcait says:

    Wish you fruitful time whatever you do!

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