Attending Mike’s Webinar. ONE SMALL PROBLEM.

In the New School webinar room, just now…

teddy: hi!

Matthew Noble (@NewbieCELTA): Hi Teddy

Matthew Noble (@NewbieCELTA): Oh, I think I’m alone now. (There doesn’t seem to be anyone around)…

Matthew Noble (@NewbieCELTA): Doo doo dooo

Matthew Noble (@NewbieCELTA): la laaaaaaa la laaaaa la

Matthew Noble (@NewbieCELTA): HELLO hello ello lo lo o (echoes!)

Matthew Noble (@NewbieCELTA): old school new school no school rules (that’s a Doug E. Fresh quote)

Matthew Noble (@NewbieCELTA): he said

Matthew Noble (@NewbieCELTA): to himself

Matthew Noble (@NewbieCELTA) Oops – I’m ONE WEEK EARLY!!!! ;P

Wondering if that’ll still be there for people to see when they starting filing in next week. I’m not sure whether to be simply embarrassed or, I guess, sort of proud of myself in a twisted, vaguely desperate maybe heroically so way*. 🙂

So annnnyyywaaaaay….seems like it’s gonna be a good one (next week, of course!). Check it out here:

Session abstract:

Are you integrating the global staff room into your everyday teaching practice? Using the internet for professional development and engaging with online communities can appear overwhelming; however, building a Professional Learning Network and participating in ELT communities online help teachers to both broaden their teaching perspectives and provide access to the rich and diverse global staff room. In this webinar, the presenters will share online experiences, resources and strategies for teachers to maximize the Internet as a resource. Additionally, the presenters will recommend some spaces, people, and organizations they believe are helpful for English language teachers.

^ I love the notion of “the global staff room”! 🙂

*damning pictorial evidence:


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One Response to Attending Mike’s Webinar. ONE SMALL PROBLEM.

  1. mikecorea says:

    serious lolz here.

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