Really neat idea…

…for a blog/tumblr:

I’ve already taken a few snaps and will be sending in my post when I get a chance.

This isn’t frivolous, by the way. Just the opposite.

This is real, solid, developmental, and productive professional development. Reading this tumblr.

Funny thing.

All these oh-so-serious cutting edge professional workshops and highly paid speakers and big productions can kiss me tush.

Reading a tumblr page where ELT folks share pics and thoughts about their workspace: priceless.

So. Damn. Simple.

Essentially = anything that works against “the vacuum” is worth investing in (time, energy, resources) as developmental.

If I was a dissertation writer I’d write a dissertation in order to explain – to prove! – all the multi-faceted ways just reading a damn tumblr where ELT people share their workspaces is better than that $137 dollar a head 3-hour PD workshop we all carpooled out to.

Funny thing.

The best things are funny.


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One Response to Really neat idea…

  1. annloseva says:

    So. Damn. Pleasant. to be reading this. I don’t have any illusions that such a dissertation could ever be written, but I’d certainly read that.)
    Maybe I now have some iilusions #ELTworkplaces will live through its renaissance) Thanks very much! Looking forward to your snaps and comments.

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