Diary Post: What I Did Today…

  • Emailed back and forth for GLP (guided lesson planning) with a couple of extensive (part-time) CELTAers
  • Started constructing the next intensive course’s input session schedule
  • Fixed a broken stapler (yaaaaaalp!)
  • Emailed someone about ‘preflection’ in regards to an upcoming webinar I’m doing
  • Entered trainees’ names into the ‘Advanced Course Management’ online CELTA system thing I’m just experiencing with a bit now
  • Started sorting out my demo lesson plan for next Monday
  • Planned for my guest session coming up – gonna do some fun reflection & ‘ask the ELT nerd’ with another CELTA cohort
  • Read some ELT blogs and tweets
  • Made copies of the ‘training to teach’ chapter of Rose Senior’s book The Experience of Language Teaching for trainees
  • Did face to face GLP
  • Observed 2 TP 4s: a grammar and a vocab lesson
  • Did 50 minutes of TPFB
  • Shared some pita chips and hummus with my trainees
  • Waxed romantic about meeting Betty Azar…and her shawls
  • Recommended engames.eu to someone
  • Said hi to the trash guy
  • Left work just before 10pm
  • Now I’m back on the subway
  • Almost home
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