What is discouraging after CELTA?

An EXCELLENT post I need to share and position here for more comments soon. Wow.


It is a spontaneous post and the list is obviously not complete, but here are some issues that drive me crazy.

  • I don’t have time to plan properly therefore I encounter various problems due to insufficient planning and feel awful exiting a classroom. Since CELTA it has been a couple of times when I was more or less happy with my lesson.
  • I spend all my free time planning and feel overwhelmed by work. My acquaintance has recently asked me what I do for entertainment, I said “Work or read Tweeter (that is about work as well)”. Frankly speaking, I love my job, I enjoy teaching, but sometimes it’s too much.
  • Tons of information including non-CELTA-way of teaching shatter my unstable foundation, unstable – due to the lack of proper experience. By ‘proper experience’ I mean lessons which I am satisfied with. That leads to the feeling of trying to…

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One Response to What is discouraging after CELTA?

  1. Anastasiia says:

    I completely agree with you about lack of free time. My husband and I worked in Russia after our CELTA course. We started at 9am and finished at 9pm. All what we did was teaching-preparing-reading ELT stuff- surfing the internet. We both love teaching, but living like robots is too hard, as I start feeling that I’m a boring person who doesn’t even know what’s on in the theaters

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