Connecting speech to written words

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Connecting what you hear to how it is written through dictation

Instead of making students copy from the board or give the sentences already written down, how about dictating them?

dictation Photo taken from ELTpics by @CliveSir, used under a CC Attribution Non-Commercial license

Listening and transcribing was at first challenging for my beginners, especially if the sentences were higher in level. It was more challenging for beginners than for learners with more experience with the language, but all students benefited from it no matter what level they were. At first though some got resistent and saw no point, but with time they became more comfortable and it just became part of the class routine, that is, to listen and write instead of copying from the board. I don’t like having students simply copying from the board because they do nothing more than decode and encode without having to even think…

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3 Responses to Connecting speech to written words

  1. Rose Bard says:

    Thanks for sharing Matthew! 🙂

  2. Matthew says:

    Thank you Rose! I’ll be writing a response post to/with this over the next week (I’m on vacation, and gonna try to blog a while each day) – I wanted to post it here so I made sure I didn’t lose track of it! Great ideas, great writing.

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