‘Fly High Pecha Kucha’ Redux: What Makes Me Me in ELT

I threw together a recast/redux/rebirth of my online Pecha Kucha from the iTDi MOOC on WizIQ last month. It’s Pecha Kucha presentation as VoiceThread! Feel free to comment if you’re on VT. I made it as a ‘first thought, best thought’ exercise not really entirely remembering what my ‘script’ was the first time around.

Find it here: https://voicethread.com/new/share/6020685/

pecha vtI

Still working on making a MyBrainShark presentation out of my iTDi MOOC webinar…its production keeps getting buried under the weight of other things. I have did this to get myself back in touch with where my head was last month and get inspired to clear the path to getting that done!

Anyway, enjoy. And if you’ve never seen/used VoiceThread…check it out just for that. It’s fantastic.

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