CELTA grads & Local ESOL Jobs

I post open positions in local ESOL programs to the ‘Boston ESOL Job Shouts’ page of this blog semi-regularly. I announce and link to these posts on our private online network for current and former CELTA trainees hoping to spark interest and facilitate connections.

We very occasionally get trainees with experience and/or interest in teaching immigrants in ESOL programs. Most trainees, however, are only vaguely aware that such things even exist. I’m hoping to establish more of a connection between the teacher training done here and the local ESOL community. I also think that our CELTA training is quite good training for teachers in these environments.

Here’s an example of a local ESOL position of the sort that I like to share with our graduates and encourage those interested to apply for:

The Cambridge Community Learning Center is looking for part-time ESOL instructor for a high intermediate morning class on T/TH from 9-12 from October-June. The position is 10 hours per week for each 1.5 hours classroom time, 1 hour paid preparation time.


Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of methods and materials used in ESOL instruction
  • Sensitivity to the needs of the adult learner population
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

Experience and/or Education

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Minimum of one year of experience teaching ESOL, preferably to adults
  • Experience teaching English using computer-based programs preferred
  • BEST Plus and/or TABE CLAS-E certification highly desirable
  • Experience with the needs of adult learners in a community-based setting

RATE: $25.19 per hour

Most of these are part-time “patchwork”-type positions. That said, they can offer excellent experience-building opportunities for newer language teachers not yet ready to go abroad or workable positions for people who aren’t looking for full-time situations.

Finally, in my experience these programs often lack teaching staff with the type of training the CELTA offers. Learners in these programs are well-served by life skills-oriented syllabi though sometimes to the detriment of achievement of real, practical language learning outcomes. This is why CELTA trained teachers can be great in these environments, and why I always include the types of standardized tests used in Adult Basic Education/ESOL programs in our ‘testing’ input session and highlight teaching in adult literacy programs in our ‘literacy & beginners’ input session. So that they have something extra to bring to the table if and when they do apply.

OMG, ELT. It’s not all about EFL, but also ESOL. CU. BRB. 😉

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1 Response to CELTA grads & Local ESOL Jobs

  1. ashowski says:

    If you’re struggling to find CELTA-qualified teachers, might you have better luck if you remove the “minimum one year experience teaching ESOL” requirement?

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