Questions about Running Feedback Sessions

A fantastic post by Zhenya!

Wednesday Seminars


I recently worked on an intensive two-week course for teacher trainers. 33 teachers from Lebanon were learning (about) trainer skills, qualities and thinking. Each of them in turns experienced leading one group feedback session with a group of peers. After two or three lessons followed by a feedback sessions we (trainers of trainers) were facilitating reflection on a so-called ‘feedback on feedback’ session where we reflected on the process, content, strengths, challenges, solutions, doubts, questions, and many more exciting things related to the art of giving and receiving feedback.

The post below is based on one of the last ‘feedback on feedback’ sessions where each participant (trainer being trained) received one question card and had to ask two other peers (ideally, with different points of view) about their own answers. During the session, we never had time to discuss the results in-depth, so I hope that this post below…

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2 Responses to Questions about Running Feedback Sessions

  1. Zhenya says:

    Thank you for reading and re-blogging! I am curious how similar or different our answers to these questions would be! 🙂

  2. says:

    Hi Matt, I’m a new CELTA trainer with Teaching House and I’m about to start the training up period now. I found your blog really helpful and I’m wondering if I can email with you about advice for for a very, very newbie CELTA trainer. I’d love to get in contact if you have time. I’m


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