Internet & EdTech Input

**Apologies in advance for how basic and un-dynamic this page is here…I’m working on it! ***

My collections w/ some great sites…one for teaching/learning, one for PD:



Tech in classrooms throughout the ages:  

PROs & CONs of Edtech

Are you confident using technology? What’s your level?

Place yourself along the Levels of Mastery spectrum

Watch: Ken Wilson’s chat re: Tech: (2:05 – 4:44)

1. What does he say “should be obvious” to teachers today?

2. What kind of “contract” does Ken talk about?

3. Technology makes learning _________?

ALSO: Michael Griffin & Laura Adele Soracco’s fantastic Guide to Online Resources for Developing English Teachers: ResourceDirectory


Good sites for video in lessons:

Tech in ELT blogs on

Lots of ELT stuff on Slideshare, including this ELTchat summary I made *and let’s ignore the bad grammar in the title (or not):


ELTjam, a site with lots of interesting thoughts about the larger issues of tech and educational change and innovation and the future:

Finally, a monster site GREAT for English Teachers: (Kimberly’s ‘go to’ resource!)

Let us not forget to rejoice in knowing laughter:

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