…In with the new

Very cool. My blog has been included in a list which includes a number of blogs I really admire and strike me as MUCH smarter and worthwhile than my fledgling effort here has been and likely ever will be. Thanks Michael Griffin! Truly, your excitement about my blog fuels my own enthusiasm and dedication to produce something nominally creative, valuable, and engaged in teachers’ community dialogue and interchange. Mainly I want it to serve my own ends as a wanna-be successful teacher trainer – I need a way to record, reflect, and ultimately rethink stuff. But what’s great about this whole ELT blogosphere scene is how others’ reflections can, in kind of remarkable ways, become our own. There is so much overlap, there is so much communing. Anyway, I made a list! One can revel in these things. Rock on.

Michael’s attention to and excitement about people’s blogs betrays the attention and passion he must apply to his teaching/training work. Rock on indeed!

ELT Rants, Reviews, and Reflections

Or: Some newer ELT blogs to check out in 2014

In my last post, I looked at some blog posts I wished I’d commented on in 2013. In this post, I’d like to share some newer blogs that have caught my attention. Please do click through to them if you don’t want me to get all stroppy. Please also let me know in the comments  about other new ELT blogs which have caught your attention and I will happily list them too. This is not my first time to share new ELT blogs. I did so last May (and also shared some pet peeves as a bonus) and before that I shared blogs I was looking forward to in 2013. It was fun for me to re-read those posts and if you are not familiar with the blogs mentioned there, my recommendations still hold true. Most of the blogs mentioned…

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