Matthew Ellman’s “Silent Period”

My Silent Period

^ I’m reflecting on what is brought up in this nice blogpost as I go into a new 12-week session with my Saturday ESOL class tomorrow morning. Whereas I might habitually focus on getting them speaking quite a lot during our first 4-hour class, I’m going to take a bit of a different tack tomorrow and see if I might strike more of a balance – giving them more time and space to take in and process (passively…yeah..passively!!!…for heaven’s sake) a bit more comprehensible input initially…more previews of what’s to come on the course, some good listening exercises, some juicy cultural stuff. All without feeling – as I often do – like I really need to maximize their productive activity.

Cheers, and is a great blog!

BTW, this is the 4-hour Saturday ESOL class that I’ll still be teaching (that’s the plan anyway) during my CELTA trainer-in-training program coming up. And beyond, potentially. I’m not 100% sure this is wise, but we’ll see.

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